XKL63274 Plucking the Pigeon by Reding, Leon (19th century); Private Collection; Photo © Berko Fine Paintings, Knokke-Heist, Belgium;  out of copyright.

Culinary Historians of New York

Everybody eats. . . savoring our daily bread not only sustains us physically, but is one of life’s pleasures. But why do our culinary habits take the form that they do? What are the influences that shape what, why, and how we eat, in lands distant and near, in times past and present?

If investigating the universe of culinary cultures intrigues you, if you believe that understanding food in its historical and contemporary contexts enriches our everyday lives, then you are a ‘culinary historian.’

Why not make it official by joining our community of inquisitive eaters and thinkers to savor our on-going intellectual feast with like-minded folks?

We look forward to welcoming you at our next event and to adding your name to our membership ranks. 

Upcoming Events

Culinary Historians' Mission is to:

The Tasting (oil on canvas)

Ignite Conversations

We invite scholars and experts to present thoughtful, accessible talks, followed by lively discussions with our curious audience; whether on Zoom or in-person, CHNY events offer an opportunity to “taste history” through shared recipes or catered receptions.

Share Knowledge

Our Library is the gateway to our program recordings, audio archives, written summaries and analyses of past events, and links to NYFoodStory, our annual journal that uniquely focuses on food history in and around New York. Our recipe files bring the taste of our programs home.

Still Life with a Globe, Books, Shells and Corals (oil on canvas)

Support Groundbreaking Scholarship

CHNY annually awards three Scholars’ Grants to further research in the field of culinary history. Since 2012, the grants have been generously funded by The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts. Learn more, including how to apply. Applications are due in June. 

Honor Excellence

The Amelia Award, named for Amelia Simmons, author of the first cookbook written in America, singularly recognizes significant accomplishment in culinary history, coupled with the demonstrated generosity of spirit that enables future generations to build on their work and increase our understanding of the historical, cultural, and political significance of food. 

Picture of the CHNY Amelia Award