NYFoodStory is our annual online journal, uniquely devoted to the history and culture of food in New York. We showcase original research, weaving together the threads of New York’s culinary past and present into the vibrant tapestry that underlies the Big Apple foodscape. Whether diving into our forbears culinary habits, examining a changing neighborhood, documenting social change through restaurants, or profiling iconic stores, markets, and personalities, there is always food for thought.  
NYFoodStory debuted in 2012 as a print journal, the brainchild of its founding editor, Joy Santlofer. It moved online in 2015 and includes a bookshelf filled with links describing publications by many CHNY members.  NYFoodStory replaces the semiannual CHNY Newsletter; archives of these newsletters dating back to 1996, plus digitized print editions of the earliest issues of NYFoodStory are available there.