About Culinary Historians of New York

The mission of the Culinary Historians of New York is to explore our world through food, cookery, and dining cultures. Our monthly public events, our extensive open library, our support for innovative scholarship, and our recognition of outstanding achievement in the multidisciplinary field of culinary history, furthers our goal of sharing knowledge of the ways in which food has affected humans (and humans, food). Whether investigating prehistoric foodways, modernist cuisines or things in-between, our study of the alimentary past enhances our understanding the present and arms us with tools to forge a better table for the future.

Founded in 1985, Culinary Historians of New York is the seconded oldest culinary historians group in the United States. We are proud of our thirty-five-year tradition as a trailblazing venue for the serious exploration of culinary history. Organized by and for scholars, cooks, journalists, authors, nutritionists, and others with a deep interest in food and cooking and the profound impact that food—and its then-untold history—has had on individuals and societies at large, CHNY anticipated the establishment of the first Food Studies programs by a decade. CHNY continues to be a leader in the field of culinary history with its pioneering Amelia Award and its Scholars Grants.

CHNY’s work is run exclusively by volunteer members of our board of directors and committee leaders.

CHNY is open and welcoming to all: no experience or professional affiliation is required. Our strength lies in our joy in tackling a broad subject with investigative enthusiasm and curiosity. We host speakers from wide-ranging disciplines to share their insights and expertise into all aspects of food cultures. Whether academics, journalists, scientists, farmers, producers, or culinary practitioners, our speakers reflect voices from all corners of the food world. We also appreciate the sensual pleasure of food and cuisine: our in-person events offer tasting receptions with foods carefully selected to illustrate the program theme, while our virtual events share recipes in advance to allow the audience to taste at home.