Talking about culinary history is fascinating, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. In that spirit, we are creating a virtual cookbook of antique recipes that allow us to savor the past by reviving forgotten seasonings, combinations, and techniques. The recipes have been adapted to modern kitchens, but evoke the flavors of other times and places.

We invite you to contribute to the virtual cookbook by submitting recipes by contacting us. We especially welcome recipes for special holiday foods and distinctive historical or regional cuisines. All contributors will be credited, with rights reserved, and any copyrights the author may have remain his or her exclusive intellectual property.

In keeping with our educational mission, we ask that the recipes be placed in their historical or cultural context, with source citation(s).

Enjoy the amuses-gueule!
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Election Cake by Stephen Schmidt
Election Cake [Lydia Maria Child, The American Frugal Housewife, 1833]

Spiced Wine Surprise
Spiced Wine Surprise [Apicius, as translated from the original Latin by Barbara Flower and Elisabeth Rosenbaum]
Seventeenth Century English Salads by Cathy K. Kaufman
To Make a Grand Sallet [John Murrell, The Second Booke of Cookery and Carving, 1638]
Pickled Cucmber Sallat [Gervase Markham, The English Housewife, 1615]
An excellent boiled sallat [Gervase Markham, The English Housewife, 1615]
To Make Fried Toast of Spinach [Thomas Dawson, The Good Huswife's Jewell, 1596]
Spiced Cold Salmon by Helen Brody
Spiced Cold Salmon [Eliza Leslie, Directions for Cookery in its Various Branches,1848]
Wild Turkey by Andrew F. Smith
Wild Turkey [Marion Harlan, Common Sense in the Household, 1871]
Peanuts by Andrew F. Smith
Ground Nut Cakes [National Cookery Book, 1876]
Ketchup by Andrew F. Smith
Mushroom Ketchup [Richard Bradley, The Country Gentleman's and Farmer's Monthly Director, 1728]
Gaspacho by Andrew F. Smith
Gaspacha-Spanish [Mary Randolph, The Virginia House-wife, 1824]
Popcorn by Andrew F. Smith
Pop-Corn Balls [E. Skuse, Skuse's Complete Confectioner, 1890]
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